It is difficult to hire great engineers and Mike Abbott makes great points. If you are looking to hire high-quality engineers it is important to create a hiring process that will attract the right people for your business.


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Editor’s note: Derek Andersen is the founder of Startup Grind, a 35-city event series hosted in 15-countries that educates, inspires, and connects entrepreneurs. He also founded Commonred (acquired by and is ex-Electronic Arts.

I spoke with a robotics engineer and PHD from Stanford this week about looking for a job. He’s not the type of guy that easily joins your startup but he described two recent attempts. One was an email from a recruiter that as he described used “plenty of buzz words”, while another email came from an engineering team lead on the special projects group. Can you guess who he went to meet with and who he didn’t? When interviewing Kleiner Perkins Partner Mike Abbott at a recent Startup Grind event in Mountain View, this is one of the critical elements that Mike points out when it comes to hiring the best engineers. Engineers close engineers.

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Work Smarter with Apps to Increase your Productivity

BestVendor Raises "M For Work App Recommendation Platform | TechCrunch

BestVendor Raises $3M For Work App Recommendation Platform | TechCrunch.

“BestVendor, which aims to create an online resource where business professionals can exchange recommendations for work-related software and services, has raised $3 million in Series A funding.”

BestVendor helps employees learn keep track of startups and emerging technologies in order to help them be more productive. It is a great resource for learning about how others are taking advantage of innovative productivity tools.

Here are there most liked apps lists.

Check it out and let me know what you think.

The 3 most popular apps suggested on the site are:

BestVendor Raises "M For Work App Recommendation Platform | TechCrunch

DropboxI am surprised that I still meet people who do not use Dropbox on a regular basis. I started using Dropbox in business school to work on group projects because it allows multiple people to easily collaborate on projects in real-time from different locations. I still use it to share large files with colleagues. Dropbox account users start with 2 GB of free space and you can earn more free space by referring your friend. According to Businessweek, Dropbox reached 100 million users in November of 2012.

BestVendor Raises "M For Work App Recommendation Platform | TechCrunch

Gmail: If you are not familiar with Gmail then you likely won’t be reading this blog!

BestVendor Raises "M For Work App Recommendation Platform | TechCrunch

EvernoteEvernote is a productivity app that allows you to take notes and view them on any of your devices. I was a slow adopter to Evernote and now I use it habitually. I take notes during meetings in Evernote on my laptop and tag them for easy reference. I can also save files and webpages and view them later on my iPhone and iPad. I do not remember what life was like with out it – oh yeah, and it’s free for up to 40MB of date per month.

One productivity app that is not in the top 10 most suggested apps on BestVendor is Google Drive. It is similar to Dropbox but provides 5 GB of data for free.

What apps do you use to increase your productivity?