Easy and Affordable Menu Management | Locu

Easy menu management | Locu

Easy and Affordable Menu Management | Locu.

“Locu’s founders met at MIT in 2010, where they worked on a project together that was supervised by a group of top researchers and lecturers, including Sir Tim Berners-Lee, inventor of the World Wide Web. One of his central ideas is to have one unique address for every object in the world. Take Jen, who runs a great Italian restaurant called La Morra. Instead of having to upload a menu to her own website, mobile site, Facebook or one of hundreds of menu review and recommendations sites, she should be able to maintain her menu in a single place. Anytime a change occurs, an update is made across the web. Even better, if someone “likes” a dish or tells his or her friends about it, Jen should be able to track all this in one place. The idea for Locu was born.”

On Dec. 10th I posted an article from Forbes about how restaurants are using technology to provide better customer service. Locu, is a Boston-based local business data provider helping restaurants (and other small businesses) use technology to reduce complexity and manage their businesses more efficiently, and improve customer experience.

Locu has built a sizable collection of restaurant menu data, and allows restaurant owners to take ownership of their Locu profiles to update price lists, specials, menus, and services. All updates made on the Locu profile will be made automatically on websites, mobile sites, mobile apps, Facebook pages, and in local search directories. Locu also provides low cost tools for restaurant to use to help them publish dynamic menus and price lists to their sites.

On Nov. 15th, as reported by TechCrunch here, Locu announced a notable partnership with OpenTable. According to the agreement, OpenTable’s menu data will now be powered by Locu, and restaurant owners will also be able to edit those menus in real time.

By allowing restaurants to efficiently update menus and prices across various platforms, Locu will help ensure much needed consistency of menus across sites. If you have ever gone to a restaurant after looking at the menu on Yelp, and found out that what you wanted was unavailable, you will also understand that this service will greatly improve customer experience.

Articles about Locu:

  1. Locu Seeks to Unlock the Power of the Mobile Web for Local Businesses
  2. Locu Launches to Merchants: Now Local Businesses Can Update Once To Publish Prices to Web, Mobile & Facebook

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