LinkedIn’s recent marketing campaign offered users nothing but bragging rights. Brilliant!


The recent campaign by Linkedin to ingratiate users while reminding them of the fact that there are 200 million members on the site is a fantastic example of innovative social marketing at its best. Emails did not just go to the users with the most viewed profiles. A friend of mine received one that said “Congratuations! You were one of our first million members in the United States”. According to TechCrunch over 80,000 people bragged on Twitter about having one of the most viewed profiles on Linkedin.


Social media disaster for Burger King: Twitter feed says chain sold to McDonald’s

This hurts…


Even by the standards of social media fiascos, this one’s a doozy. On Monday, Burger King’s official Twitter feed announced the chain had been sold to its rival and began posting pro-McDonald’s messages and tales of employee drug use.

The strange Twitter activity took place after hackers apparently took control of Burger King’s account and replaced its name and image with the McDonald’s logo. Here is a screenshot of what followers of @burgerking saw on Monday:

Screen shot of burger king hack

The blue checkmark beside the @burgerking name indicate that this is indeed Burger King’s official Twitter account. Other tweets included:

It’s unclear who is behind  the mischief but the tweets’ references to “lulz’ and “@youranonnews” suggest the hacker collective Anonymous is involved.


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