Kleiner Partners’ View of the Future of Tech – WSJ.com

Kleiner Partners' View of the Future of Tech - WSJ.com

Kleiner Partners’ View of the Future of Tech – WSJ.com

“If you’re working with great entrepreneurs in a rapidly growing marketplace, you have a conviction to work with them and you can be rewarded all along the way. Every one of those investments is leveraging the trends of mobile, social and commerce. These aren’t waves of innovation; they’re tsunamis.”

This is a great interview from the Wall Street Journal with Ted Schlein and John Doerr from KPCB. Since 1972, KPCB has backed more than 500 ventures, including some of the world’s most visionary entrepreneurs. In this interview Schlein and Doerr talk about investments in clean tech as well as Twitter, Square, Spotify, Flipboard, Chegg, and Coursera, among others.

What they are talking about:

  • There are 1.2 billion people with smartphones, up 40% year over year, and that’s just 17% of the world’s population.
  • On tech’s “four horseman” – Google, Apple, Facebook, and Amazon: “This is day zero. Apple is not done, Facebook is not done, Google is not done, and Amazon is not done. Those companies have massive opportunity. I would be a long-term shareholder in all of them – and I am.”
  • In 2011, the cumulative revenue of approx. 70 companies in Kleiner’s clean-tech portfolio was $1.3 billion. In 2012 it was $2.4 billion, up 80% year over year.

I also recommend checking out the Insights section on the KPCB website. There are great free presentations on a wide range of tech topics from 2012 Internet Trends to CEO 2.0 – lessons from Jeff Bezos, Mark Pincus, and Neil Young – to Hacking Gamification.



Four Things Entrepreneurs Can Learn from Sam Adams

Four Things Entrepreneurs Can Learn from Sam Adams | Fox Small Business Center.

“When I started, the economy was just coming out of a recession and no one knew were the American economy was going. It’s very similar to what’s happening today. But I believe there is always a place in this economy for a great product, made by passionate people, who don’t do a lot of dumb things in business.” – Jim Koch, The Boston Beer Company


  • Be patient: “it me took almost 12 years before Sam Adams was all over the U.S”
  • Protect your seed money:  “all we had were two car phones, and all of our accounting was done in shoe boxes”
  • Do what you love: “passion sustains”
  • Put your product first: “be the best at what you are doing”

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